How To Use Ear Candles Safely

HerbT1-3When not to use Hopi Ear Candles / Trumpet Ear Candles

  • If you have grommets in place
  • If there is an inflammation or infection in the ear
  • If you have or have ever had an allergic reaction to any of the contents
  • If you have a Perforated eardrum or no eardrum
  • If you have Ventilation tubes or auricular drains (paracentesis)
  • If you have recently had ear surgery
  • If you have auricular cysts
  • If you have acute mastoiditis
  • If you have Otosclerosis
  • If you have Otospongiosis (ankylosis of the stapes)
  • If you have ear tumours
  • Remember that ear candling is not supposed to be used as an alternative to medical treatment

What do you need to carry out the Hopi Candling treatment?

  • Another person to perform the Hopi Candling / Coning Treatment
  • 1 – 2 pairs of Hopi Ear Candles / Ear Protector disc (optional for your own peace of mind)
  • Cloth or towel with a hole to protect the face and head from any possible falling ash
  • Glass of water to put the Candle out
  • Lighter
  • Cushion to rest on and a blanket to lie under to ensure comfort (optional)
  • Incense Candle (optional)
  • Soft Music (optional)
  • Scissors to open the candle after the treatment. (for professional Ear Candles and Ear Cones to cut the debris down during the treatment).

How to use the Hopi Ear Candles safely and effectively

  1. Turn the lights down or even off and have an incense candle burning in the room. Turn some soft music on and get ready to relax. Make sure you are lying on one side in a comfortable position resting your head on a pillow as you won’t be able to move for the next 10 – 15 minutes. You might also like to be covered by a blanket for warmth. Now for the enjoyment of the experience.
  2. Relax and allow your therapist/person performing the ear candling treatment to take over these instructions
  3. Your therapist/person performing the treatment should now place a towel over your face and hair leaving just your ear showing.
  4. Your therapist/person performing the treatment should now place an Ear Candle in an Ear Protector disc ready to place in your ear. The treatment should be started with the healthier ear.
  5. Your therapist/person performing the treatment can place a thin layer of cream around the end of the candle which will lubricate the candle entering the ear making it more comfortable. It is also nice and relaxing if the therapist/person performing the treatment also massages your ear with a small amount of cream which just adds to the complete experience.
  6. Your therapist/person performing the treatment can now light the end of the ear candle without writing on and place the other end with the words”HERBACONE/BIOCANDLE” on in the ear.
  7. Your therapist/person performing the treatment should check that there is no smoke coming out from the ear or around the sides of the ear candle. If there is then the candle should be adjusted to stop this from happening.
  8. Your therapist/person performing the treatment should hold the candle gently between two fingers to make sure that the ear candle is not being deformed and that the flow of the air is not obstructed. The rest of the hand should rest on the head of the patient so that the therapist/person performing the treatment is also relaxed and comfortable. The burning of the ear candle will take approximately 10 minutes so both the therapist and recipient need to be comfortable or this entire time.
  9. When the flame reaches the line above the word “Herbacone” your therapist/person performing the treatment should remove it from the ear and place it in the glass of water to extinguish the flame. The process for each ear takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Before your therapist/person performing the treatment carries out the treatment on the second ear you should have a 10 minute break following the first ear.
  10. If you are using Classic Ear Candles repeat the above steps for a maximum of two ear candles per ear per session.

In case of any residue from the Hopi candle being left in the ear (on rare occasions and primarily with unfiltered candles), you should remove it carefully with a cotton bud making sure that you do not push anything further into the ear.

Over the 2 days following treatment you might find more wax being removed from the ear as the herbs and essential oils will continue to work.

You should use no more than 2 ear candles per ear per treatment and a course of 5 – 7 treatments is recommended for best results. Always allow at least 48 hours between each treatment.


The experience should be relaxing and may make you feel sleepy. If this is the case then don’t fight it. Just rest. It may be a good idea to complete the treatment before going to bed as this way you can appreciate a good night’s sleep.

Try to drink plenty of water following the treatment.

If going out then cover your ears if it is particularly cold or windy.

Avoid water entering the ear for 24 hours following the procedure e.g. swimming under water.

Always store Hopi Candles in a cool dry place.