BioCandle Ear Candles (Fragranced)

Bio Candles are very similar to Herbacone Candles except that they contain specific essential oils in various fragrances to provide different subtle aromas. They are of excellent quality and were introduced to Hopicandles4u due to the fact that they have been sourced in the same method as our other candles and with the same ideology.

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Eucalyptus oil is extracted from the leaves of the Eucalyptus Tree of which there are over 700 species, some of which can grow to over 60m in height. Eucalyptus oil is said to reduce swelling in the mucus membranes along with focusing the mind and reducing inflammation. Eucalyptus oil is also a strong disinfectant which is poisonous if swallowed in large quantities and should only be eaten by Koalas. This product should not be used by anyone with High Blood Pressure or Diabetes


Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils used on the market due to its versatility. It is good for relieving stress, nervous exhaustion, depression, insomnia, migraines/headaches and generally for calming down and relaxing the body.


Chamomile is from the plant family Asteraceae. It is a known fact that Chamomile can be made into an infusion that is ingested as a tea. Its benefits are that it is used to aid sleep and that it is good for relieving stress.


Pine is possibly the most popular and commonly used oil in aromatherapy due to its ease to blend with other oils and the fact that it is so abundant in nature. Its benefits for the skin are that it aids with eczema, sores, skin diseases, itchiness and working as a analgesic it helps with arthritis, joint pain and rheumatism.

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