Chamomile – 10 Hopi Ear Candles (Professional)

Chamomile – 10 Hopi Ear Candles (Professional)


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5 Pairs (10 Candles) of Professional CHAMOMILE Ear Candles

Chamomile is from the plant family Asteraceae. It is a known fact that Chamomile can be made into an infusion that is ingested as a tea. Its benefits are that it is used to aid sleep and that it is good for relieving stress.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CLASSIC AND PROFESSIONAL EAR CANDLES? (Herbacone/Biocandle Classic Candles can also be found on our other listings)

There are two main types of Ear Candle available which are our Classic Ear Candle and the Professional Ear Candle. The main difference is that the Classic Candle is made of cotton providing 9-10 minutes burning time and the Professional Candle is made of linen providing a much longer average burning time of 14-16 minutes.
Classic Ear Candles are also slightly softer due to the fact that in proportion there is more beeswax than cotton used when making the candles. This gives 100% burning and leaves practically no ashes during the treatment. The Professional range is much harder and burns accordingly longer, but with these there is a burn product which can be cut by a therapist or just left when using ear protector discs.


Our BioCandle range only come with filters.  If you are looking for ear candles without filters we would recommend our Herbacone range which mostly have the option of choosing “with” or “without” filter.  These can be found on other listings or in our shop.

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1 review for Chamomile – 10 Hopi Ear Candles (Professional)

  1. Anonymous Person

    Chamomile BioCandle
    The chamomile BioCandles burnt well for 15 minutes. I have used these candles twice now and on both occasions found powder residue deposits left in both the outer ear canals, which had to be removed with cotton buds at the end of the treatment. I noticed the filter in the candles is not a cross-section, but rather a single thread to help prevent fall-out of residue when used. This design may have contributed to what happened. But for this, I would have given a much higher rating.

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