4 Hopi Ear Candles (Classic)

4 Hopi Ear Candles (Classic)


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This pack of 4 Hopi Candles is an ideal gift to give to a friend or perhaps for a pampering session on a quiet night at home with your partner.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CLASSIC AND PROFESSIONAL EAR CANDLES? (Herbacone Professional Candles can also be found on our other listings)
There are two main types of Ear Candle available which are our Classic Ear Candle and the Professional Ear Candle. The main difference is that the Classic Candle is made of cotton providing 9-10 minutes burning time and the Professional Candle is made of linen providing a much longer average burning time of 14-16 minutes.
Classic Ear Candles are also slightly softer due to the fact that in proportion there is more beeswax than cotton used when making the candles. This gives 100% burning and leaves practically no ashes during the treatment. The Professional range is much harder and burns accordingly longer, but with these there is a burn product which can be cut by a therapist or just left when using ear protector discs.

WITH or WITHOUT built-in safety Filters? If you are a professional who practice Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling / Ear Coning) you are possibly required under your insurance policy to use candles that are fitted with filters. Some professional and home users can and prefer to use candles without filters and for this reason we sell Ear Candles both with and without filters so the choice is down to you. Simply choose the pack that you require and then you have the option to select “with” or “without” filters (depending on the pack chosen) from a drop down list. (the default selection is always “with filters” but this can be easily changed) . PLEASE NOTE THAT FILTERS ARE BUILT-IN TO THE EAR CANDLE DURING MANUFACTURING AND ARE DIFFERENT TO THE EAR PROTECTOR DISCS WHICH ARE ROUND, SILVER OR GOLD COLOURED AND DESIGNED TO COVER THE EAR AND PROTECT IT FROM ANY FALLING ASH.

All of our Ear Candles are made with natural unbleached purified beeswax, honey, cotton and a mixture of herbal essential oils. The Herbacone range contains a blend of Basil, Birch, Fir, Lavender, Pine, Sage and Thyme creating an aroma-therapeutic effect and pleasant smell. All of our ear candles have a metal tube inserted at the bottom of the candle, which warms up during the treatment and aids the positive aroma-therapeutic effects on the ear with the essential oils and the treatment itself. Herbacone Hopi Ear Candles are hand crafted in the production facility and then carefully packed by hand to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible. They are made in Europe and made with 100% natural beeswax unlike some of the cheaper Ear Candles from China that are made in factories using paraffin and bleached wax. Remember Beeswax is natural. It is a yellow colour so be mindful when buying candles in other colours. Our Ear wax candles also have a higher quantity of beeswax compared to many other brands on the market which sometimes substitute Beeswax for paraffin. This results in our Classic ear candles being softer which allows the candles without filters, to mold slightly into your ear making the treatment comfortable and it gives a better seal around the base of the candle, so the smoke doesn’t escape. Beeswax also produces a better fragrance.

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6 reviews for 4 Hopi Ear Candles (Classic)

  1. Karen

    I was very impressed with the speed of delivery of my order. The candles were very good, burned well and effectively. I bought only 2 pairs to try but will be putting in an order for more pairs right now! Thank you and well done for good service, a quality product and value for money.

  2. Steve

    They’re Great
    We have used other candles in the past and these compare very favourably. You have a regular customer

  3. Jo

    wow..just got back off holiday and hubby was suffering with bad ear wax to the point he was deaf in one ear (the olive oil wasnt working as suggetsed by the doctor)..after 2 treatments of the Hopi candle he was relieved to see big clumps of wax at the bottom of the candle when we finished !! postal service was fast and i will be using this company for years to come..wonderful


    This site is so efficient, they are easy to order and delivery is exceptional. Have just ordered my 2nd batch. Would highly recommend.

  5. Pauline Liverpool

    Excellent service this is my 3rd time ordering hopicandles and what can I say I will continue to order from them. Very efficient !

  6. Saira

    Easy and smooth transaction and was delivered next day. These candles are super quality and such great value. A pleasure to use with the gorgeous herbs. These have in fact cleared my blocked ears, and i feel a lot better. I will be buying again for sure. Thanks so much for these great candles. Love them.

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