2 Herbacone Ear Cones

2 Herbacone Ear Cones


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These Conical Ear Candles are made of Linen and Pure Unbleached Beeswax.

Conical/Trumpet Ear Candles are recognised as being more powerful than standard Ear Candles and as such certain rules need to be followed.

These candles should only be used under supervision of an EXPERIENCED therapist. Throughout the use of the candle the therapist will need to periodically remove the top of the burnt candle as these burn slightly differently to the standard shaped Ear Candles. If this is your first time of using Ear Candles then we would recommend the use of an alternative Herbacone or Biocandle Ear Candle. These candles only come WITH FILTERS and there is no option to have them without filters. Due to the higher BURNING temperature of these candles we also strongly recommend the use of an ear protector disc as well as a towel to protect the surrounding area including face and neck.

Pack Size: 2 Cones plus 1 ear protector

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5 reviews for 2 Herbacone Ear Cones

  1. Beth Norvel

    Very impressed with the quality and gentle effectiveness of these ear cones. Thanks”

  2. Reading Holistics

    Thank you for a fast professional and excellent service, Hopi is one of my treatments that is very popular and they are of an excellent standard

  3. Gillian Wright

    These ear cones are far superior to any other product I have used. They are more comfortable for the client and so efficient in clearing congestion in the ear. I wouldn’t now use anything else

  4. J Steele

    First time I have purchased these and one of my clients felt these were the candles for her, good results. Will purchase more. Again great value and very fast delivery.

  5. Susan Martin

    In July last year my husband had a camera down his ears and they were shown to be completely blocked. Eventually he got doctor to check them (October!)and he said they were clear! Finally I was so fed up with his deafness that i bought some herbacones – well …1cm of solid wax from both ears – will be repeating this week as one ear is still not brillliant. Can’t rate these highly enough. Trip to hearing aid dept may be delayed!

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