Clove – 10 Hopi Ear Candles (Professional) – DISCONTINUED – LAST FEW REMAINING!

Clove – 10 Hopi Ear Candles (Professional) – DISCONTINUED – LAST FEW REMAINING!

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5 Pairs (10 Candles) of Professional CLOVE Ear Candles

Cloves are widely used around the world for cooking, medicinal purposes, aromatherapy and they have a wide essential oils use. Cloves have good insect repellent qualities as well as being good for rheumatoid arthritis and antiseptic properties that are helpful to prevent viral infections. Cloves are also used for toothache, in dental hygiene and to treat insect bites. The aromatherapeutic effect of cloves are that they have a stimulating effect on the mind.  ANY PRODUCT CONTAINING CLOVES SHOULD BE AVOIDED DURING PREGNANCY.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CLASSIC AND PROFESSIONAL EAR CANDLES? (Herbacone/Biocandle Classic Candles can also be found on our other listings)

There are two main types of Ear Candle available which are our Classic Ear Candle and the Professional Ear Candle. The main difference is that the Classic Candle is made of cotton providing 9-10 minutes burning time and the Professional Candle is made of linen providing a much longer average burning time of 14-16 minutes.
Classic Ear Candles are also slightly softer due to the fact that in proportion there is more beeswax than cotton used when making the candles. This gives 100% burning and leaves practically no ashes during the treatment. The Professional range is much harder and burns accordingly longer, but with these there is a burn product which can be cut by a therapist or just left when using ear protector discs.


Our BioCandle range only come with filters.  If you are looking for ear candles without filters we would recommend our Herbacone range which mostly have the option of choosing “with” or “without” filter.  These can be found on other listings or in our shop.

Due to some fragrances of BioCandle being discontinued and different batches of candles being combined to make up final packs you may notice differences in shades of colour between candles in the pack.  This is due to the natural variance in beeswax and in no way changes the effectiveness of the candles.

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